Fixed Price Business Central Setup

Setup and training for the standard sales, purchasing, assembly, and accounting functions of small trading and manufacturing companies.

Business Central

Lean implementation at low costs

Reduce costs and uncertainty through a lean, clearly defined first-time implementation. We implement the core functions small businesses need for their finances and inventory. Once the company is familiar with the system, additional functions can be added.

Lower consulting and development costs
By focusing on key processes, you simplify implementation and reduce the risk of business disruption. Therefore, you need less time and money for consultations, workshops and system adjustments.
Achieve system benefits faster
A simplified implementation requires less coordination between partners and departments. This means the system can be deployed faster and its benefits realized more quickly. Based on the gained experience, extensions to the processes and system can be planned more clearly.
Complete flexibility for future expansions
By using the standard Business Central functions, you avoid dependencies on third parties. This allows your team to freely customize the system after the initial installation and improve it based on their experiences.
"CERTAINCE helped us to gradually automate all commercial and production processes in Business Central, from customer inquiries, quotes, purchasing, production and delivery to customer service." Eike Langenberg, Managing Director, SHERPA Robotics GmbH

Get to ERP in 12 weeks with our starter package

Our starter package includes setup and training for the essential sales, purchasing and accounting functions in Business Central. This means you can get started straight away and enjoy the advantages of an integrated ERP system.

System Setup

  • Creation of production, testing, and training environments
  • Setting up users (both internal users and external accountants)
  • Introduction of user profiles and permissions
  • Training in the basic functions of the system: navigation, editing data in the browser and via Excel, customization of the user interface
  • Setting up email delivery from the system


  • Configuration of the chart of accounts and accounting periods
  • Assistance with the import of general ledger balances and open items
  • Training in transaction posting, including reversals and recurring entries
  • Training in the creation of financial reports, VAT returns, and summary statements


  • Templates and support for importing suppliers, raw materials, and trade goods
  • Management of supplier and contact data as well as item master data
  • Training in handling purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices
  • Customization of purchase documents through Word layouts


  • Templates and support for importing customers, finished products, and trade goods
  • Management of customer and contact data as well as item master data
  • Training in dealing with sales quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoices
  • Customization of sales documents through Word layouts
Starter package price including setup & training: EUR 8,000

Additional modules with transparent prices

If you are familiar with the system and want to expand it, we offer a range of extensions with transparent pricing. How to automate every process in the system step by step.

EUR 2,000

  • Assembly orders
  • Bill of materials
  • Consumption
  • Resources

EUR 1,500

  • Locations and bins
  • Pick and put-away
  • Internal movement
Fixed Assets

EUR 1,500

  • Import of fixed assets
  • Acquisition
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance

EUR 3,000

  • Sales forecasts
  • Automated planning: MPS, MRP
  • Planning parameters

EUR 2,000

  • Project management
  • Resources
  • Consumption
  • Time Sheets

EUR 2,000, excl. license fees

  • Contact management
  • Market segments
  • Business opportunities
  • Pipeline forecast

EUR 2,000, excl. license fees

  • Import of payment data
  • AI-based reconciliation of payments and invoices
  • Export of payments (payment run)
Document Capture

EUR 2,000, excl. license fees

  • Automatic import and OCR processing of incoming invoices and credit notes
  • Reconciliation with purchase orders, invoices and delivery bills
DATEV Interface

EUR 1,500, excl. license fees

  • Bidirectional data transfer to the tax advisor’s accounting system
  • Installation and setup
  • Handling the interface

What does collaboration look like?

The first step is a free initial consultation and product demo. If the system fits your needs, we configure it, migrate your data, train your team and test your processes. After the introduction, we will accompany your team and be available to answer any questions.

Demo & advice

We show you how your processes work in the system


We configure your system to industry best practices

Data migration

We help with data migration based on templates


We train your team in the core functions of the starter package

Test usage

After setup, we test the processes thoroughly


After going live, we will continue to be at your side
Case Study

SHERPA Robotics is gradually introducing Business Central

As the first provider of camera-based CNC automation solutions, SHERPA Robotics was faced with rapid growth, increasingly complex processes and a shortage of skilled workers. In order to get the workload under control, SHERPA had to automate its commercial processes.
Together with digitalization partner CERTAINCE, SHERPA successfully introduced Business Central as an inventory management system. This meant that sales, procurement and financial accounting could be linked together and largely automated. Customer requirements are automatically converted into offers and, once approved, into sales orders, purchase orders and invoices in SHERPA design. Accounting and procurement planning for merchandise management are carried out automatically based on various planning parameters.
The automation of commercial processes saves SHERPA employees many hours of work every day and enables growth of over 40% (CAGR) despite the shortage of skilled workers.

We work with some of the most digital companies in their industry


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