Proving customer ROI with machine productivity logs

  • 2021 – ongoing
  • Web App Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
Tech Stack

React / Node (NextJS)
Serverless Infrastructure on Vercel
AWS Lambda (Python Script)

With its camera-based CNC automation solutions, SHERPA significantly boosts the productivity of its customers. Their automation allows autonomous production at night and on weekends, with increased CNC machine spindle times. To enable customers to see the achieved productivity gains at any time, they asked CERTAINCE to develop a customized web application.


SHERPA wanted to improve existing customer relationships with an analysis dashboard that gives customers an insight into the productivity of the installed robots at any time. This had to be calculated from the log files that the robots output. The values then had to be transferred to a cloud database and made available to authorized customers via a custom web application.


Together with SHERPA, CERTAINCE developed the productivity KPIs that are important for customers, as well as the formulas to calculate them. They further developed the logic based on which the needed data could be extracted from the robots’ log files and stored in a relational database. They then designed the dashboard that customers would see after logging in. This allowed customers to segment the numbers by date, time, shift, and machine. In order to get the data into the database, an AWS Lambda function was set up in Python, which fetched the relevant data from the log files in SharePoint and read it into an AWS RDS MySQL database set up for this purpose.


The web application was set up with NextJS, a full stack framework with React in the frontend and Node in the backend. After logging in, customers could select the relevant data segments. The app then sends the necessary queries to the database and outputs the results. Every customer can access this through a web browser with his password.


Already more than 50 robots report on the developed software solutions on a daily basis of their progress and productivity.


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